Customer and Business Reviews

It used to be true that providing high quality service and products was all it took to maintain a positive reputation. Your customers would tell their friends, family, and neighbors about their experience with your business or you would advertise in print media. That was how the word was spread about your business. One day you realized the landscape had changed. There were things being posted on the internet about your business that either were not true or that you were not aware of. Your sales and revenue started decreasing and you didn't know why. This doesn't have to be the reality though. Unlock Your Reputation can help your business address negative reviews and submit the great reviews from your happy customers. Call us today at (877) 835-7729 to find out how.

What's the real impact? What can you do?

The reputation of a business is one of it's most important and valuable resources. Many businesses feel like they have no control over what's being said about them on the internet. Study after study show the ever increasing value potential customers are now placing in online business reviews when making purchasing decisions. Your customers are saying more than ever online to an ever increasing audience beyond their friends and family.

Customer reviews can now mean the difference between increased sales, customer traffic, and profits and shuttering the doors. If you think your safe by staying off the internet then you're wrong. Having no online reviews can be just as damaging for your business as low ratings and negative reviews. It's a fact that online business reviews from your actual customers matter--and they matter more now then ever before! So what can you do to deal with negative reviews? What's the best way to manage your reputation and encourage your customers to speak out about their positive experiences?

Unlock Your Reputation will help your business develop a plan tailored just for you to gather reviews from your actual customers, submit those reviews to the sites that matter, and deal with any negative online reviews your business may receive. While your focus is on providing excellent service and products to your customers, Unlock Your Reputation's will be working behind the scenes to help you maintain your stellar reputation online. Call us right now at (877) 835-7729 to find out more!